Hanan Hadzajlic

Flutist / Composer

DMA candidate in Flute Performance and Composer. FIELDS OF WORK: Classical music interpretation (solo/chamber/orchestral); Contemporary classical music interpretation (solo/chamber/orchestral); Composition (solo/chamber/orchestral); Improvised music; Live electro-acoustic composition/performance (flute/ bass flute with analog/digital processors); Transdisciplinary projects, usually performances in which she occurs as composer and flutist, with her DIY robots.

ARTIFICIAL PHOBIA - No to You (Morgellon Love) 2016     
ARTIFICIAL PHOBIA - Time Patterns (Intro) 2016
DIVA BELLATRIX VON UMBRA for Human & Bass Clarinet 2015
AYAHUASCA for Flute & Piano 2013
FREEZING MOON for Voice & Flute 2012

  • Apendix
  • Bass Flute
  • 5.00 USD
  • Hypnagogia II
  • Piano, Accordion, Flute, Cello, Bass …
  • 25.00 USD
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